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We started track business in 1974 and obtained responsible position as a sole track supplier for the Korean Army in 1984.
Current Developing T-72 Track(Detachable Pad)
2018.05 Development of BMP-2 Track
Development of T154(Track for M109A5/A6)
2013.12 Honored with the Korean Defense Minister’s Citation
2013.3 Honored with the DAPA Minister’s Citation
2009 ~ Development of ALTAY MBT Track (Turkish National MBT)
2008.7~ Machinery division was divided from LS Cable
2007~2010 Development of K55A1 SPH Track(Performance Improve Plan)
2002~2008 Development of new track for next generation MBT (K2)
2002~2007 Development of new track for next generation IFV (K21)
2005.5 Development of K1A1 MBT Track(Replacement Track of K1 MBT Track)
2005.3 LG Cable was renamed as LS Cable
2000.8 Obtain certification of “Military Quality System” by Korean Government
1998.10 Development of K9 155mm New SPH Track
1996.3 Development of K1 MBT pad detachable track
1988.7 Designated as Core military business company by Korean Government
1984.7 Designated as Sole Military Track & Revetment-Kit Manufacturer by Korean Government
1982.7 Development of M113(K200) APC Track
1975.7 Localization of M47 MBT Track first in Korea
1974.9 Start of Military Track Business